How much does your program cost?

  • Parents contribute 800-1200 per month to share the costs of mentors, supplies, and space maintenance.

What days do kids come to PETALS?

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 10am - 4pm.

What do the kids do all day?

  • Each day at PETALS is different. Since our children direct their own learning the possibilities for each day are huge! Mentors as well as specialists from the community offer a variety of seminars, projects, experiments, and skills. Kids have the freedom to opt into or out of offerings as they choose. Learners are also welcome to host offerings and explore, play, and experiment with the materials that have been strewn loosely about the space.

  • Are there any rules?

In our PETALS community we have agreements that you are the boss of your own body, take care of our space, and respect our fellow learners, and have an open mind. If someone is having a difficult time following our agreements we address the situation with our conflict resolution process.

  • How do kids learn anything?

Unschoolers learn just like you or I learn as adults.: based on what interests them, figuring out how to learn it own their own, changing as they change, using whatever resources and learning materials they find, driven by curiosity and practical application rather than because someone says it's important.

  • How do the kids learn to read?

Just like learning to crawl, walk, and talk comes rather naturally to kids when they are ready, so too does reading. Unschooled children are not subjected to curriculum and timelines and are free to learn to ready when they are truly ready. We encourage you to read more about a families thoughts about unschooling and reading here.

  • Do you give homework?

Children are encouraged to learn at home with their families by exploring their passions. This is not homework, just life. There is no evidence that homework supports children's learning, if you are interested in reading more go to this article here.

  • Is there a lunch time?

Our learners eat when they're ready. We encourage children to bring their snacks and lunches to our community gathering but we also encourage them to listen to their bodies and eat when they are ready.